Move your backup requirements into the Cloud and relax with the knowledge your critical data is being backed up in real-time.

Once the simple software is installed, all you need to do it tick the folders to be automatically backed up and that’s it! Changes to any files are automatically backed up in real-time, with no further interaction from you.

Transfers to and from the Cloud are protected by military-grade SSL encryption, providing both privacy and security for your files.

You can easily restore any files you need through a simple and intuitive interface.

Our most popular home user package starts at only £50 per year for unlimited backup space and as many of your home computers you want to add!

We have a complete range of solutions for businesses of all sizes, including shared server backup, point-in-time restoration and online cloud drives that work just like a network drive.

Why Cloud Backup?

1) Online backup is easy and automatic.
Once installed and running, Online Backup doesn’t require the discipline that tape/disk/CD/DVD backups do. The backup occurs without interruption as you work. Most importantly, it doesn’t require you to remember to do it.

2) I can’t step on it, spill anything on it or leave it out in the sun.
Any backup system that works for you is better than no backup at all, but having backup disks and drives lying around are always subject to potential hazards. First off, any type of existing backup device is subject to failure or corruption over time. That’s a fact of life. Then you have the possibilty of failure through damage (intentional or otherwise) – spilled coffee, overzealous handling or even fire damage. Online backup saves your files in a location that’s not on your computer, your server or even on your network.

3) New online threats require constant backups.
Have you heard of “ransomware”? It’s an ever popular form of malware that encrypts your files and holds them hostage unless you pay a ransom for their release. If you’re hit by this obnoxious threat, your only hope is that you have your files backed up somewhere not on your computer recently. Online backup greatly increases your chances of having a current version of my files safe and sound if the worst case scenario becomes a reality.

4) Encrypted data transfer.
You have the option to encrypt all traffic between your PC and the cloud storage area, making it virtually impossible for anyone to see your private information.

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